exhibition view, Oktogon HfBK Dresden, 2013
wood, varnish, polycarbonate comb and syntetic material
1700 x 535 x 460 cm

is an installation of three larger than life size sculptures which are almost similar in form. They are assembled in a triangular shape, two laying, one hanging on a rope.
A round skin-like corpus is constructed out of various polygons, seeming to be pierced by a wooden framework, appearing as one half of a boat. The material of the corpus is either polycarbonate combs covered with white liner or wood primed and polished in black. The 'boat'- part is primed black. The whole assemble describes a calm anchor whereas one of the lying sculptures can be associated with a coffin. The hanging sculpture seems to defy gravity despite its dimensions and transforms into a chrysalis here.
The second laying sculpture is a skeleton- like boat fragment.